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Career stories

Kimmo Sarvikas
Kimmo Sarvikas
Truck driver

"I joined Silvasti through an acquisition as early as 2002. At that time, the equipment and trucks were smaller, but since then the fleet has been modernized. I have driven all kinds of special transport, for the past year, mainly an adapter (a semi-trailer truck for wind turbine tower segments).

The transports take place at night, so the daily rhythm poses some challenges, as do the demanding conditions, such as dark and slippery winter roads. On the other hand, it's nice to work with quality equipment and see the world a little bit. Once I even got featured in the TV show Occupation: Hero!"

Tip for jobseekers: In this business you need an experimental mindset, humility, a desire to learn, and solid heavy transport driving experience. You’ll also need to be ok with being away from home a lot, sometimes for long periods of time.

Jari Sihvonen
Fleet Manager (maintenance)

"I started 2011 as Transport Operator. From there I advanced to Transport Manager, then I ended up in Norway as Port Manager in the first wind power projects. After the last trip, it turned out in a meeting the management had proposed me as Fleet Manager, so here we are.

Best part of the job is, you can challenge yourself and practice your problem-solving skills in many ways. It’s inspiring to see success, for example, a wind farm completed somewhere in the Norwegian fells and you can see the results of your work right before your eyes."

Tip for a job seeker: "If you're interested in this business, come and see what it’s like and jump in!"

Timo Moilanen
Timo Moilanen
Project Manager

"I started in June 2012 as a truck driver. In midsummer, I left for Sweden for my first gig with Ville. 2017 my life situation changed, and I asked about the possibility of transferring to other kinds of tasks. I soon learned that I had been proposed for a supervisor role, and in the summer of that year I started in that position. Then in spring 2020 I shifted to project manager.

My working hours are in my own hands. I get to challenge and develop myself all the time. There’s no strict hierarchy at Silvasti; I can call anyone anytime if I have questions or want to consult others."

Tip for jobseekers: "Motivation and the will to learn are important, as is interest in the equipment and its maintenance. The work is demanding, responsible and hard, but extremely rewarding."

Heino Kristensen
Heino Kristensen
Project Manager, Denmark

"I joined Silvasti in the Nørager acquisition in 2017. At Nørager, I had already made a long career in transports, from Transport Operator to Project Manager. At Silvasti I shifted to Capacity Planning Specialist, and now I'm back as Project Manager.

A project manager's job is about solving problems. It always feels great to find solutions to them and successfully complete a project. It's a bit like hurdling: at regular intervals you face barriers to cross."

Tip for jobseeker: There’s no point in reinventing the wheel. If something concerns you, just ask someone who has been in the industry longer.

Kari Peräaho
Kari Peräaho
Truck driver

"I started 2017 at a wind power site, learning about loading and driving. Little by little, I moved on to driving hubs and wings, and currently I drive modular trailer, transporting tower segments.

Preparation, loading, etc. take a lot of time and are quite demanding. The driving distances are often shorter than in other driving jobs. No two days are the same. We're away from home for long periods of time, but on the other hand we have long leaves, which is nice. I've been driving for so long I wouldn't even know how to do anything else."

Tip for jobseekers: This work involves a lot of travel and you’ll be away from home a lot. Therefore it’s extremely important that the other side of your life – the home front – is in order and in balance.

Nicolai Krathus
Nicolai Krathus
Capacity Planner, Denmark

"I started working at Silvasti as an intern in forwarder training in 2018. I graduated in autumn 2020, and I do capacity planning in Norway and Sweden and manage internal transports in Denmark.

My daily work includes monitoring projects, phone calls, meetings and updating ERP data. Quick decision-making capacity is a must: one minute everything seems to be under control, and five minutes later you may need to make major changes quickly. You have to stay alert at all times."

Tip for jobseekers: In this industry you need self-confidence, independence and initiative. The best way to get started is to learn how to do things yourself and take on tasks with courage.

Mikael Schmidt
Mikael Schmidt
CEO, Silvasti Transport A/S, Denmark

" I started as a driver in the '90s, but after an accident at work I needed to retrain myself. I ended up as an auditor and then as accounting director for Nørager, which was acquired by SIlvasti in 2017. At that point, I became CEO of the Danish companies.

My daily challenges are a mix of cash flow management, financial affairs of the companies, budgeting, budget monitoring, and acting as a supervisor for the 70 employees in the Danish company. I like all these aspects of the job because it’s challenging and varied. It would be nice to find more time for some things, such as visiting job sites."

Tip for jobseekers: Keep in mind that special transports are completely different from any other freight transport. You need an open mind, because most of the practices and procedures of normal transports don’t apply here. But once you adapt to the industry, it’d be hard to find a more challenging and exciting business environment.